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Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union - POPme!
NOTICE OF MEETING To: Members of Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union FAU will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 31 May 2019 at InterContinental Hong Kong at 5:00pm SHARP. This is the time for you to exercise your Member's right and to take this great chance to get together with other Members. The meeting shall start at 5:00pm SHARP and end by 6:30pm. Registration shall begin at 4:30pm. Please be on time as a quorum of 50 Members is required for the meeting. If you are unable to attend the AGM due to flight duties, we strongly recommend you to go to our website to give the proxy online. (1) The following is the agenda for the AGM: AGENDA for AGM 2019 1. To adopt the agenda of the meeting. 2. To approve the minutes of AGM dated 11 May 2018. (2) 3. To receive the audited financial report for the previous financial year. (3) 4. To appoint the Auditor (H.T. Wong & Co. Limited) for the Financial Year of 2020-2022. 5. To receive the Progress Report from ExCo. 6. To receive the report of the Outport Allowance Workgroup. 7. To receive the report regarding the "Productivity issue". 8. To consider and if thought fit, to approve the amendment of FAU Rule Book, Rule 5, Point 4 - "Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Executive Committee or at the request of not less than one-fifth fifteen per cent of the total number of qualified voting members of the union." 9. Updates from Hong Kong Cabin Crew Federation (HKCCF). 10. Election of the Executive Committee for the term 2019-2021. 11. Any Other Business. In order to save the environment, e-Annual Report will be uploaded to FAU website on 23 May 2019. Hard copies of the Annual Report can be obtained at the FAU office or at the AGM venue while stocks last. 1.Please visit our website to give your proxy form. 2.Please visit our website to retrieve the previous minutes on 17 May 2019. 3.Please visit our website to read the financial report on 17 May 2019.
Dear Members, We are glad to inform you that, it is now confirmed that, one FX crew will be added on KA wet lease KHH flights if the JCL loading is over 85% for flat bed type aircraft. If not, ISM or every Cabin Crew shall write the report to ISD#OSU to get back the USPP. In here we thank you for all who had flew on the tough KHH flight and shared with us their experience. FAU ExCo
Dear Members, CX 415 incident Your ExCo is pleased to update you some positive news on the CX 415 incident. As we have reiterated, your ExCo is determined to pursue a different level of disciplinary action and strongly object to the long-standing practice of immediate termination to conclude all cases. We are gratified to inform our Members that all the affected parties are now given a final chance. We believe the intention of Management arousing our attention to protect company property has been achieved and we all understand that taking any items, including unconsumed food, will be treated as pilferage by the Company. Bar Control There were Members asking us about the message of Cabin Crew being questioned on the unusual consumption of alcohol for their operated flights. We believe this precautionary measure done by ISD was mainly due to the photos of the Emptied bottles and message of DP revolution circulated through WhatsApp. We do believe our Members are wise enough and will not engage themselves in such kind of risky move that is regarded as a Criminal Offence which may lead to Summary Dismissal or Termination. Nonetheless, to avoid being questioned by the team office, we would suggest our Members to actively report to the ISM if passengers on your flight are in abnormal drinking behaviours which caused unusual consumption on alcohol. Thank you for your attention. FAU ExCo
Once again, someone is using FAU's name calling for action. FAU strongly condemn such irresponsible behaviour to undermine the ExCo and to damage the Community as a whole, while your ExCo is trying our utmost effort to assist those concerned crew. Please stop listening to those rumours and stop sending the chainmail to FAU. 一而再,再而三,有目的人士假借FAU名義呼籲 Crew Community 去信 FAU 要求處理有關「打包」的報導,工會對於此舉強烈譴責。 FAU連日來盡力嘗試拯救涉案人士,從無間斷。 過程亦一直以電郵向各會員交代。 希望各位會員用理智去分析事件,若再度令大眾焦點集中,是否只會令大家的名聲再度受損。請大家小心考量。
Cabin Crew are not THEFTS Dear Members, FAU is furious and terrified with the wide media coverage using Cathay Pacific cracks down on petty theft by cabin crew and quoted the theft of items that could have been used for future flights had cost the carrier “untold hundreds of millions” The scene set has framed us, CX Cabin Crew as Petty Theft now. Is it a fair statement to frame us in such a way when the incident happened on CX415 was nowhere closed to that. The fact has proven that things taken down merely cost extra from CX. We believe every one of us understands the principle and responsibility in protecting Company Property. Certainly, there are times whereby some might find it a waste to let the perishable items disposed of and choose to bring them down for the sake of saving the environment. CX has all the rights to stop us from saving the environment but defame us and being regarded as theft is intolerant. In response to the CX415 incident, FAU has obtained legal advice twice at a different time and have raised our concerns on the legality of the search done and people involved for our Management to clarify. Based of our legal advice obtained, body search is an "Absolute Negative" in any scenario and certain criteria have to be met for bag search. Until now, we have not received any reply from our Management. Besides, we have questioned our Management the level of disciplinary action for CX415 crew whereby FAU will never be able to agree termination to be the only way to conclude. Yet, no reply is received so far. We do not wish the situation will further deteriorate and hope that our Management will respond to us without delay. Let's stay united and action to clear our names!!! United We Stand. FAU ExCo
Dear Members, After our letter to Rupert yesterday, we are pleased to receive the confirmation from CMD today about the most updated Measles handling. 1. For MG crew, if their attending doctors recommend them to remain at home and avoid any high risk area, CX will allow them to do so as advised until further notice when the situation becomes stable. 2. For those staff who do not fall into the ”high risk” group, the charge for Measles reagent blood test will be covered by Right Choice if individuals want to take the test. Appointments should be made through CMD until further update. At the meantime, CMD is trying to source and secure more vaccines and the reagent for the blood test. Please stay tuned with CMD and our update. FAU ExCo
Survey to pursue "Stand Alone Recognition on Full Attendance" FAU perpetually pursue the reinstatement of Trump Card, but the response from ISD: There is No Plan for a Stand-Alone Recognition for Full Attendance. ISD Management unilateral action to withdraw the Trump Card from March 2019 onwards was irrational and damaging. Voices of objections were all fallen into deaf ears. Management reiterated its direction to review the entire recognition programme. Only aims to promote "High-Performance Culture" and to recognize outstanding inflight service delivery. As aware, Crew Members who have high CPP are perceived as good performers and may reward through fast track on their promotion. Excellent performers on ad hoc situations will be recognized through Betsy / Nikky awards and other platforms. While we do appreciate the existing recognition and further enhancement to motivate the community. Our efforts on Full Attendance shall not be neglected. Attendance and Productivity have always been the concerned areas for CX, why our Full Attendance is no longer be treasured. Punishment seems to be the only Management skill in CX. Now ISD Management reneges on their words and claimed that the new Rostering System will no longer be able to accommodate the usage of Trump Card. However, it can't be used as a valid excuse to erase our efforts and loyalty. Maintaining Full Attendance has never been easy. Our Members deserve a fair reward for the efforts made. Delivering excellent inflight service doesn't mean that having Full Attendance at the same time. Since our dear Management has no clue on how to appreciate our efforts made, to allow us having a better understanding of our views and let our contribution be properly recognized, your ExCo sincerely invite you to join us and push for a "Stand Alone Recognition" for Full Attendance. In supporting your Union, please click the below link and fill in the survey.
Survey to pursue
Dear Members, FAU is pleased with the response from Our Management in addressing the concerns of the Expected Mothers. A contingency plan has been announced and arrangements have been made to ensure the Expected Mothers are immune before they are back to their workplace. They will get pay for the time during home stay until the blood test report is out. Details please refer to Cabin Crew web site. Once again. Together we achieve more. United We Stand. FAU ExCo
各位會員, 公司已對工會有關懷孕會員的訴求有正面回應。公司會為所有懷孕會員安排麻疹抗體測試,並建議留在家中等候結果;公司亦同意各未有足夠麻疹抗體的懷孕同事無須上班,直至另行通知。在等候測試結果及能夠正常上班前,公司亦同意工會要求,予以有薪假期。 有關詳情及手續,請參閱國泰內聯網的相關資訊。 Together We Achieve More! FAU ExCo
FAU concerns Every Single Expected Mother working in CX and have sent below email to our Management. Hopefully, a responsible and satisfactory decision will be handed down before the office resume on Monday. *********************** Dear Ed, We are writing to draw your immediate attention to the Expected Mothers who are working in CX city, the development of confirmed Measles cases and our affected colleague who works on the 5/F have deepened the worries of every CX employees. Particularly to the Expected Mothers because they cannot be vaccinated during their period of pregnancy if they are not immuned. FAU do understand the situation is an undesired and difficult one to deal with. Yet, we believe it has an urgency to address the concerns of all the Expected Mothers in CX. While we would encourage our Members to determine their risk level and immunity status by consulting Medical professional, we strongly urge ISD to make appropriate arrangements and interim measurement to allow the Expected Mothers to stay home until the Department of Health has confirmed the situation is stable and the coverage of vaccination is satisfactory to control the development of Measles. If CX Management do not wish to extend such interim measurement to the Expected Mothers, discretion in handling their sick leave should be fully extended in order to avoid any unnecessary pressure which may affect the emotions of Expected Mothers during their pregnancy. Please review the issue without delay and to feel the restlessness and anxiety of the Expected Mothers. It is indeed an urgent matter and your prompt reply and action to provide a contingency plan before the office resume on Monday is most appreciated. Thank you for your attention. Best Regards, FAU ExCo
Dear Members, Our continues pursue wearing face mask inflight finally gained a positive response from ISD this afternoon. It has been confirmed that Cabin Crew are allowed to wear a face mask inflight as interim protection from Measles. Announcement will be made on IntraCX today. Stay healthy everyone. FAU ExCo
Dear Members, Your ExCo is well aware of the rising confirmed cases of Measles. Last week, we had urged ISD to allow Cabin Crew wearing a face mask while we are on duty, sadly the answer from ISD was negative. Moreover, the shortage of vaccines lead us to a stage of panic. Therefore your ExCo has written to ISD again urging them to execute alternate interim measures, including allowing staff to wear face mask, to tackle the situation now. Meanwhile, if you encounter any problem of getting immune or other concerns, kindly write to the Corporate Medical Department at CMD#MED and copy the email to us. Please stay tuned with our update. Stay healthy everyone. Best Regards, FAU ExCo
Dear Members, Upon the announcement made by ISD in relation to Measles which says that a limited vaccine has been secured for us. Your ExCo has tried to contact all the listed clinics but were told that vaccine is not available. We are extremely disappointed with the late response and incompetent handling which has disappointed our Members. FAU views the seriousness of the outbreak. In response to this, an email has already been sent to our GMIS and CMD for their prompt action to find a resolution. Once again, we advise our Members to be vigilant on the signs and symptoms of Measles and seek medical advise immediately without delay. Your health and well-being is our concern.
Dear Members, There is one more confirmed case of measles infection on Mar 22 who is a CX pilot. Our Members are required to work in the hermetic space, therefore the risk of exposure to infectious diseases is extremely high. Measles is known to be highly contagious, yet it may not be noticed during the incubation period. In order to protect yourself; your family and our passengers, we encourage you to be immunised. The Department of Health has set up a booth for the vaccination, the address is 4/F, Port Health Office Airport Section (in Restrict Area), Terminal 1. At any time, if you are feeling unwell, please go to the doctor as soon as possible. Your health and well being is our concern. FAU ExCo 各位會員, FAU 對於持續發現機組人員確診感染麻疹個案極度關注。 機組人員需在密閉機艙內執勤,長時間接觸不同的人仕,受感染的風險將會大大提高。因此,我們提醒各會員需任何時候應保持良好的個人衞生。 身體若有不適, 必須立即求醫延冶。 保障自身,家庭及乘客的健康尤為重要。FAU在此呼籲大家儘快到診所或醫院接種預防疫苗。 現時衛生署已於機場設立麻疹疫苗注射中心, 為有需要機場員工提供疫苗注射。 各會員若有任何疑問, 可考慮聯絡設於1號客運大樓,禁區4/F 港口衛生中心。 FAU ExCo
FAU 對於近日於whatsapp group流傳之 ”工作制度Survey” 作出以下澄清。 1. FAU 絕無發出此問卷。 問卷內容並無方向性, FAU絕無參與及提供意見。 2. 譚文豪議員已確認並冇參與及策劃此行動。 在此,FAU ExCo 忠告各位會員,在填寫任何問卷前,必須考慮個人私隱及問卷目的。 重點是 : FAU從無放棄此議題,更從未間斷地與公司一直周旋,以確保每一位會員都有一個合理的Buffer hours保障自己工作與生活上的靈活性。 相信「受影響」的同事都會發覺最近公司在處理方法上已作出調適。 這改變絕對是理事們不斷努力爭取得來的成果。 請緊記 : 團結才是工會的力量。 分化只會令力量削弱!
In response to the recent survey circulating through WhatsApp, FAU has the clarifications below; 1. FAU did not set up the said survey. The questions were found having no directions and with bias. Please note that FAU did not suggest nor participated in such. 2. LegCo Mr Jeremy Tam has confirmed with FAU that he did not take part in the entire action nor to set the target of 800 as mentioned in the message. In here, we urge our Members to be cautious when filling any unofficial survey which may hiders disclosure of your personal data. Most importantly, FAU has been working hard on this issue with ISD all along. The handling for this group has significantly slow down and altered. Your ExCo aims to fight for reasonable buffer hours to ensue flexibility of work life balance for our Members. We understand it may not fit every individual's personal agenda. Yet, to undermine the Union would not help to improve our working condition. United we stand Divided we fall
What Does ISD Say About our Trump Card? Dear Members, Your ExCo are extremely disappointed with ISD's reply on the Removal of Trump Card. Similar statement of "Trump Cards are not something that the Crew Management Programme can support." was being reiterated. 1) ISD claimed that Preferential Bidding System (PBS) has the potential to offer significant enhancement in lifestyle choices and increased satisfaction with the bidding options. ▪FAU's view: As aware, the PBS would only be in place in 2020 as earliest. The effectiveness and the level of satisfaction for this system is yet to proof. In our view, the PBS can never be used to replace certain functions that Trump card has long been providing us. 2) ISD stated that they aim to show appreciation for high performing crew instead of just perfect attendance and that Trump Cards are simply no longer considered consistent or aligned with the broader changes the Company is making across the business to drive a high performance culture. ▪FAU's view: Does it mean that our persistency in maintaining the Operational Stability and Full Attendance is no longer a valuable aspect which merits a stand alone recognition??? 3) ISD wants to introduce a more modern meaningful way to reward and recognise. ▪FAU's view: Our Members have clearly indicated their preference of Trump Card in rewarding our perfect attendance. The removal of trump for extended pattern was already a big recession in the usage. Yet, our Members still value the flexibility in having their preferred flights, off days on particular days to suit their personal needs. Therefore, we are in serious doubt on the appropriateness in this sudden action to remove our treasured recognition programme which was taken away without prior consultation to the affected group. In response to this meaningless reply, your ExCo have sent another email on the 27th February expressing our frustration on the above mentioned points and we have not heard from ISD until now. All in all, both your ExCo and the FAU Members are in deep concern with this unreasonable approach of ISD. Hence, on the coming Tuesday (12th March), your ExCo will officially put this on our meeting agenda with ISD. Your ExCo will pursue hard on the reason why our ongoing discussion on the enhancement of Trump Card usage was being ignored and disrespected completely. Most importantly, ISD shall explain to us clearly on the grounds for making such a decision to discourage and demoralize the Crew Community when the engagement level remains consistently low. We urge our Members to stay tune with our updates and our action call. Thank you. United We Maintain Justice and Fairness. FAU ExCo
Dear Members, The most important event of FAU is coming soon.....FAU ExCo Election (2019-2021) and Annual General Meeting 2019. We proudly announce that this year AGM will be held at the InterContinental Hotel. All ExCo and staff are now preparing in full swing for the AGM.To avoid any disappointment, please act fast and apply a G day on 31 May! See you all soon... FAU ExCo
Dear Members, It has been almost 2 months since the “Notice of Nomination” was sent to you regarding the 2019-2021 FAU ExCo Election. However, so far we have not yet received any nomination form. May we remind all Members that the nomination period will end on 14 March 2019, which means there are only 10 more days to go. If you believe you could dedicate your precious time and efforts to the Crew Community, please do not hesitate to form a team for election as soon as possible. If you have any problem in forming a team, please contact the FAU office for assistance. Please be ensured that the election will be running in a fair manner with the help of our independent panel, the “Election Sub-Committee”.