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Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union - POPme!
Hurry Hurry! No ExCo Nomination recieved so far. Deadline for Nomination is only ONE month away. It's time for a change and stand up for your Union. If you are interested to be an ExCo and having a problem in forming a team, you're invited to contact FAU for assistance. Thank you.
FAU Achievement of the term 2017-2019 Dear Members, As AGM and ExCo Election is approaching, the current term of FAU ExCo is going to finish on 31 May 2019. We would like to take this opportunity to conclude some major achievements that we have made in these two years. Full details and other achievements could be found in the annual report published later. 1. Retirement Age Agreement signed to extend from age 55 to 60 with NO taxation on the Retirement Fund 2. BC Progressive Allowance of 8% after the completion of 7 years of service 3. Flight Pairing Agreement signed to restrict ISD from rostering integrated pattern and protect outport layover rest time, especially for long haul flights 4. Daily TLV flight becomes 5-day pattern 5. Standby call out time extended from 90 mins to 135 mins and the removal of RA02 (CX City standby) 6. Induction Talk resumed to New Joiners 7. Renewal of Outport Base Agreement to ensure more than 50% of the flights from ports with base (e.g. JFK, LHR, YVR, YYZ etc) to be operated by Hong Kong based crew 8. An additional day off followed by TLV flight 9. Successfully fight against the change of KIX crew hotel to avoid the cut of more than 40% of the Outport Allowance 10. Opening recruitment of Japanese Cabin Crew 11. Mailbox room to have maintained Victory never comes easily. While Your ExCo had tried really hard for EVERY battle, it is indeed your Full Support and Trust that matter. They are the Nutrients to our actions and the Strength which empowers us so that we can keep fighting for the greatest interests for our Members and safeguard the benefits of all. The nomination period has started from 14 Jan, there is still no one to come up and show their interests to form a team for the election. Please keep in mind, FAU is owned by over 7,200 Members, a strong Union comes from all the members’ active participation. In here, we would like to encourage YOU, if you wish to contribute yourselves to the crew community or with brilliant ideas on how to fight for the most, step forward to form an ExCo team NOW. United We Stand. FAU ExCo
Good News One after Other..... Dear Members, We are extremely excited and delighted to inform you that our Retirement Fund for the "new contract" Will Not Be Taxed when you have successfully extended to age 60. The Inland Revenue Department has handed down its ruling confirming that the Retirement Fund which to be collected before the 5 years extension to age 60 could have enjoyed the EXEMPTION on tax. FAU is certainly pleased with the ruling result which reflects the spirit of protection on our Retirement Fund. During our Retirement Age negotiation in 2018 with ISD, FAU had actively requested CX to apply the "Exemption of Tax" for the Retirement Fund from IRD. At the same time, FAU had also appointed our lawyer to submit our appeal letter to IRD pursuing the same regard. Efforts made by your ExCo are now proved to be valuable. Our persistence and points now ended with a favourable outcome for all of you. Surely, we appreciated ISD for taking our suggestions into consideration and took action against it. Good news is now delivered and one of the main obstacles has now been removed when considering to work until 60. This favourable outcome allowing our hard earned income to be well protected. We would like to extend our sincere thank you to your continued support and patience. In here, we wish our Members Happy and Safe Flying always. If you have any further queries in this regards, please kindly contact us again. Best Regards, FAU ExCo
『Rumors Squasher』⋯⋯ Did ExCo ever crossing our hands? Dear Members, Your ExCo has seriously concerns in relation to the malicious attacks through unknown accounts on numerous media platforms. "Low Productivity" is being used to frame FAU as irresponsible, non supportive and not siding the Members. These unfounded attacks has severely distracted your ExCo from our planned union work. As a matter of fact, your ExCo have been working hard to liaise with ISD, urging for transparency in the handling as we do understand many queries were not being addressed and answered in the performance interview. As you may be aware, our GM Ed Higgs had issued a notice stating the position of ISD, the background of MGFP and the motive of interview on the group involved. Being your ExCo and part of the online Crew, we will never compromise the need to maintain and protect the flexibility for our Crew life. Since the numerous attacks formed by fake accounts are on-going and we are unable to contact them and to understand their motive. We therefore wish to take this opportunity to update our Members on what FAU has done so far to try to resolve the majority's concern. As mentioned in our previous email to you, FAU has: 1. Checked with the Labour Department and obtain legal advice to confirm if it could form as a violation of contract. The answer is a "NO". 2. Evaluate the appropriateness to expose it to media to pressure CX. The answer is also a "NO" as none of us wish the public to perceive our demand as greedy if we insist to pursue the pay of 70 to be granted and Cabin Crew holds no responsibility in their hours work. However, FAU strongly agreed that the sudden implementation, drastice handling and the interview process should be conducted in a reasonable manner and a proper cool down/monitoring period shall be provided before the hand down of warnings. Even though only a very tiny number of crew have received a warning. Yet, we believe the uncertainties lying ahead is the most important and have brought those unaffected ones to deep worries and negative emotions. To that, your ExCo has established close communications with ISD for months and urged them to clarify. In response, ISD has slow down the pace of the review process and the issue of warning, further discussion is still ongoing on below concerns raised. How would one be engaged in the monitoring programme. How long will the monitoring period be. Would those under monitor have buffer hours or it is a must to fly above 70 every month. What is persistent/ consistent in swapping. Does it count by times or hours. Does our Members still able to enjoy a reasonable flexibility to swap below MGFP occasionally and the buffer hours allowed. We understand it is an undesirable change, and it is sad that FAU do not have a magic wand to instantly settle the issue. Your ExCo encourage constructive input and feedback always as it will help the Union grow Strong. Malicious attack to undermine the function of Union will only bring every of us in the community sink. "With Trust We Build, Divided We Fall" FAU ExCo
Our Annual General Meeting for May 2019 is approaching. The ExCo Election for the term of 2019-2021 will be held at the same time as current term of ExCo shall end in the coming May. The initial announcement to encourage Members to step forward and joined the ExCo Election was made in the AGM last May 2018. According to the Election Schedule approved by the ExCo this year, the Nomination Period will commence from 14 Jan 2019 till 14 Mar 2019. Members who are interested to form a team to run for the coming term of ExCo, you are invited to obtain the "Nomination Form" from FAU office. The Nomination form shall be completed and return it on or before 14 Mar 2019. Members are required to study the Election Method carefully. For those Members who are interested to be an ExCo but having difficulties in forming a team, you may approach FAU and we will try our best to assist you in grouping other candidates to form a team. The office hours of FAU office is 9:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday (except Public Holiday) For more details, please refer to the FAU email. Thank you.
Dear Members, After continuous discussions with the ISD Management, We are more than delighted and appreciated that CX has finally confirmed the implementation of 14-weeks Maternity Leave following the HKSAR Government’s policy. As of today, 07 Jan, 2019, Maternity Leave for eligible Employees in Hong Kong would be increased from 10 to 14 weeks in total. For further details, please refer to the ISD announcement at later notice.
終。於。可。以。收。工。啦。 time to leave... to celebrate #timetoleave #timetowinforcabincrew #unitedwestand #fau

time to leave... to celebrate

#timetoleave #timetowinforcabincrew #unitedwestand #fau - POPme!
FAU 2018 年終談判結果 (Roll Down for English) 1. 加薪3% 2. 13個月糧 3. BC 完成7年服務後加薪8% 4. MPC Rank allowance 將納入計算 one-off gratuity 5. Flight Pairing Practice Agreement - 保障外站休息時間 6. 4日TLV 變回 5日 TLV 詳情請留意 FAU 電郵 ! FAU Update on YEN 1. Pay rise 3% 2. 13 month salary 3. BC Progressive Allowance of 8% after completion of 7th year 4. Rank Allowance is included in calculating one-off gratuity for MPC 5. Flight Pairing Agreement - Protection on outport rest time after JCP is launched 6. 4 day TLV to 5 day TLV More details to be found in email !
FAU 2018 年終談判結果 (Roll Down for English)

1.  加薪3%
2. 13個月糧
3. BC 完成7年服務後加薪8%
4. MPC Rank allowance 將納入計算 one-off gratuity 
5. Flight Pairing Practice Agreement - 保障外站休息時間
6. 4日TLV 變回 5日 TLV

詳情請留意 FAU 電郵 !

FAU Update on YEN 

1. Pay rise 3% 
2. 13 month salary 
3. BC Progressive Allowance of 8% after completion of 7th year 
4. Rank Allowance is included in calculating one-off gratuity for MPC
5. Flight Pairing Agreement - Protection on outport rest time after JCP is launched
6. 4 day TLV to 5 day TLV

More details to be found in email ! - POPme!
** 3rd Update of YEN 2018 ** Dear Members, Today we started the second week of the YEN meeting with ISD Management. Sadly, we do not have any good news for you, since MOST of the agenda items we proposed were rejected by ISD. Manpower for the New JCL service - ISD said all our preparations before meal service are our own personal preference which ISD sees it as unnecessary. TLV is now daily but all became 4-days patterns - ISD insist TLV is JUST a middle east route geographically, but practically, the service is the same as any other Europe flights. ISD shows no interest in changing the flight to a 5-day pattern and also not intended to alter the service at all! Rostering Practice Agreement - Your ExCo had suggested a lot of ideas mainly to protect our outport layover time and at the same moment, will not incur much extra cost to the Company. Miserably, the reply from ISD were all related to COST, no matter we talked about the pattern length or layover hours. The negotiation is now stuck, and we truly need your participation to bring up some bright ideas for us. Please send your comments to us ASAP. United We Stand! FAU ExCo
** 2nd Update of YEN 2018 ** Dear Members, A quick update for the YEN of this week (26-30 November). We have gone through the agenda items and discussed in details for the below items with ISD. 1) Manpower issue for the New JCL Service Our ExCo had conducted four observation flights with New JCL service and gathered factual comments which already passed to ISD. The problem seems much worse on the Right Aisle of the aircraft, while the “Galley in Charge” (GIC) need to fix the drinks and deliver. At the same time, the GIC has heavy galley tasks to perform, which is difficult to be shared by other crew. As a result, the passengers on the Right Aisle would have to wait for much longer than the Left Aisle passengers. In order to be more Customer Centric, we see the need to add one more crew on the 77G/K and 35G aircrafts. As always, reply from ISD was “it incurred cost” and “the New service will be altered from December 01, they are confident that it will ease the burden for the Galley in Charge”. Even though your ExCo emphasized the importance of having one more manpower, ISD’s reply was “The cost of one extra manpower for 3 hours of work (first meal service only) is not favorable to the company.” ISD’s view of our LONG preparation time for the second meal service was told to be personal preference only, and is not necessary. Your ExCo had counter-proposed to replace the BC by SP who have more experiences in handling passengers’ requests and complaints so that the disparity of service delivered could be lessened or add an extra crew during the interim period until the inflight iPad is ready in the 2nd Quarter of 2019. Sadly, all these suggestions were rejected by ISD. Most importantly, ISD emphasised that the crew need not to rush the service since the passengers are all aware of the new changes and allowance would be expected from them. ISD also stressed that Cabin Crew should adopt the changes with a new mindset and style, and to conduct the new service in a more relaxed way. 2) Rostering Practice Agreement In the YEN proposal, your ExCo has listed down some current practices and urge ISD to put this in place when constructing the JCP and JCR in the near future, so that our patterns and outport layover period could be protected. We have exchanged ideas and information. The discussion will be continued. Please feel free to let us know if you have any comments on these issues while the negotiation is still going on next week. United We Stand. FAU ExCo
長青公路交通意外譴責聲明 今晨,一架接載國泰員工的冠忠旅遊巴與的士發生相撞,導致多人傷亡。 我們對於有同事在意外中傷亡,深感哀痛,我們衷心希望傷者儘快康復,死者家屬節哀順變。 無奈,是次意外並非單一事件,本會翻查紀錄,發現冠忠巴士由 2004年至今已發生過三宗奪命交通意外,全部牽涉在機場返通宵班的員工之班次,而每次都造成多人傷亡。 冠忠仍然對於司機的編更制度以及長時間駕駛造成疲累而引致之意外不作檢討,其公司總裁黃良柏更不負責地將所有責任推在司機身上。 本會嚴厲譴責冠忠巴士集團有限公司的管理層,罔顧司機及乘客的安全。 本會要求冠忠管理層立刻停止推卸責任,檢討該公司所有司機長工時及編更的問題,並立刻作出改善。 我們亦於今早與國泰管理層召開的年終談判上,向國泰管理層反映,要求檢視冠忠巴士所提供服務的安全性是否達標,如未能達標,希望國泰重新審視與其之合作關係。 最後, 我們再次予是次意外各傷亡者及其家屬致深切慰問,如需要緊急意外支援服務,可以聯絡 [工業傷亡權益會]。 詳請如下: 工業傷亡權益會 緊急意外支援服務熱線:23665965 Whatsapp:94144993 國泰空中服務員工會